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Born in the state of kerala, Dr. T.K Ravi framed his way to become a professor in pharmaceutical chemistry`,Manipal. By profession, he is a highly committed personality in elevating the standards of pharmacy profession and is well known in focussing on the quality of imparting quality education since more than 2decades. He is a genuine person with set ethics and was highly successful in managing the college of pharmacy, (SRIPMS -Sri Ramakrishna institute of paramedical science), Coimbatore, India in the most professional  way. The entire faculty of pharmacy was reshuffled since 1990 and was subsequently restructured effectively  with well equipped lecture rooms .


SRIPMS currently stands as one of the best high calibre pharmacy faculty in the southern  region of India where even many foreign students prefer to join due to its high reputation and highly qualified professional lecturers. This results in the consistency of the college providing top results and Dr.T.K.Ravi is the person behind the success of this prestigious institution where he imparts quality education at the highest level.


Dr.Ravi is in the field of health sciences since more than 25years and is an integrated active member in healthcare society who strictly follows the “QUALITY IN PHARMACY EDUCATION” and has set principles and integrity in life which makes him always successful throughout his career. He is always looking for improvement in upgrading the standards so as to match international levels and has sound contacts with the global pharmacy leaders which enables him to match and  raise the standard of education in SRIPMS. He has to his credit more than 45publications in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry in the national level and 30 papers has been submitted in the national and international conference and has also initiated several educational activities through academic and research exchange programmes. He has received the prestigious Professional excellence award by the Governor, Tamilnadu recently. He has received the fellowship award by the association of Biotechnology and pharmacy .UGC nominated him in the executive  board of the Pharmacy council of India and he has also been nominated as the board of directors in the Asian association of the school of pharmacy. He has organized several national meetings and conferences in southern India.


His specialised and unique approach to the profession, sincere dedication, integrity, morality ,determination  and  achievements in pharmaceutical field has greatly inspired his fellow beings, present students and Alumini in the profession in a great way.