Online Opportunities for a Decent Income:
Many are aware that people make money online but they are really not aware of how to get involved into this line of business, where, when to do etc,. They don’t go into facts of this business but believe me there are lots and lots of opportunities to gain/make money online.  

Here are some of the answers genuinely extracted for you.  

  1. At the outset ,what u require is a PC  preferably with fibreoptic connection. Decent basic English to write simple articles would be sufficient.  Some 1-2hours time.
  2. Initially to start with, get a personal domain thru google or any other site like godaddy.
  3. Setup a blog for free in your website and place your articles which is the best way to begin online business. You can also place your articles thru ASSOCIATED CONTENT & HELIUM .They pay 20$/ article if they like it. Later you can join webwriters or Monetize your blog  and get a decent income. If you want to get paid more, Install flash widget in blogspot  ( Cream Aid)
  4. Other easiest way is to sign up ,get a link and run google Adsense. This is your best option for online business,  & affliated marketing ( for a permanent revenue)  for your site or blog.
  5. Become a freelance agent website.
  6. Promote someone else products in your site.
  7. Create a link for stock photos etc, register with them and sell your best photos thru your site.
  8. Link thru Bid-advertiser:  Pay per click program ( PPC ) with a low 10$ payout amount.
  9. Or work as a part time bloggers as lots of companies are looking for this. They pay per post.
  10. Post youtube videos  ( current affairs or some useful interesting topics ). Gain 1000 subscribers and you get approved by youtube to pay as per the number of view thereafter.

           Time is money.