Have an open mind to read different books on success from leading reputed authors. The more you read the more powerful you become. They say “Good readers become Great leaders”. So create the habit to read. Firstly, fire your attitude and create positive energy in the mind by fixing a relevant dream project of your choice. Subsequently plan and work out strategies and have belief in achieving it successfully. Always think and dream of achieving it at all times. Success will be yours. Its all in the mind. That’s it. Always remember “Nothing is achieved without struggle and everything is difficult before it becomes easy”. I have worked out and put together success components below that can guide you towards success. 



“Essential Formula of components”    S= POPDECK  DVD-R


P stands for  Positive thoughts, O for Organising the thoughts,  P for planning, D for Determination, E for effort/hardwork, C for Confidence, K for knowledge, D for dedication/Discipline, V for vision, D for desire/will to succeed, R for relationship. Once you start implementing the above components, start monitoring or measure the results through fixed time periods. This will provide you an idea of your position towards your goal. Accordingly you can change or alter your planning process/strategies and review it periodically.


To start with, create a habit to getup early in the morning some one hour prior to your regular schedule. This time gained can be used for your personal development (meditate, read inspirational/motivational quotes, listen to soft music). On implementing this, you will reach a stage where you will find your mind very alert, ,focused and effective throughout the day. Concentration on important tasks will be an easy task once the mind is refreshed. So you will end up in a productive/ constructive day.


“A Pessimist complains about the wind. An optimist expects it to change. A leader adjusts the sails.”  POPDECK DVD-R components are the essential areas of activity that must be performed well if you are to achieve the mission, objectives/ goals for your business or project. By analyzing and identifying your components, you can create a common point of reference to help you direct, control and measure the success of your business or project. To be successful in your business point of view, identify and implement the latest technology needed to support your business and its growth. Create an environment where you replicate your passion, caring, and sense of ownership in every employee. Clearly communicating your vision, mission and goals to your staff is your job as leader. But by giving the incentives of ownership and decision-making freedom at every level you can attract and keep the most talented and qualified individuals for each job. By fulfilling a mentor role and instilling this attitude in all staff, the strengths of each individual can be directed toward the benefit of the organization. Operate from a plan based on your business vision. Even though the speed of business will likely continue to grow, having a basic business operating plan and budget as the framework to keep things in focus and on target is more important than ever.


Remember, we reach the landmark of success when (success components) preparation, hardwork and opportunity meets luck .