Tamilnadu Drug License Assistance

 Are you looking for the exact procedures and steps to follow alongwith the exact documentation format required by the Tamilnadu Drug control department to obtain the drug license to open wholesale and retail pharmacy/ Medical shop.


                                                       You are in the right place

No hastles. We are well experienced and have guided many to obtain the license with ease. As you maybe aware, the drug license procedures are the most cumbersome. Wrong documentation and wrong formats landup in the rejection of your application and you need to restart the process again from the beginning. There are specific requirements to upload the documentation as per the drug control department.  There should not be any variation in the form format and document size should also be as per the norms for acceptance in the online system.

We guide you and we also prepare the necessary documents in the prescribed shape as required by the drug control department as per the latest requirement (step by step process with the exact format requirement and necessary notary approvals document wise). If all the requirements are met to prepare the required documentation then we could finish the procedures within a week. In total, there would be 15 to 20 documents required as per the application of the company ( Proprietor, Private limited etc).

Once all the documents are ready for submission, then the process to register in the online system starts. After the registration in the online system, CAF an online format should be completed which is the basic requirement. Once its done a unique number will be assigned and linked to the drug online application process which will start subsequently. Then the upload process screen opens where we need to select the exact area where we need to apply as plenty of options will openup where one can go wrong in the selection. We suggest full attention when we fill the CAF and upload the documents in the appropriate format in the specified screen.

We guide you in every step and assist you in all your need as per the tamilnadu drug requirement procedures for obtaining the drug license for wholesale and retail successfully.


To fixup an appointment to discuss on the same, kindly email to senthilsathyam69@gmail.com or Contact: 8925453222