Natural Remedies for daily ailments:


Herbs in general are used since ancient times to treat medical ailments successfully . India, China and Egypt are the countries who discovered the usefulness of these products.  With the increased use of technology and changed lifestyle, people are suffering from severe bodily ailments both physically and mentally. These natural herbs might be of great use for them. Basically, herbs are the natural alternatives to allopathic treatments used since many centuries successfully. These are very safe and effective agents. Herbs action is usually complementary or synergistic, often non-specific, and very rarely adverse. Thousands of people every year shift to herbal medicine because they regard these natural remedies as being free from undesirable side effects. The awareness with herbs in curing a disease has now increased dramatically. This is because that many found that it is therapeutically highly effective without any desirable side effects as its free from synthetic chemicals. Hence we should increase the awareness of this wonderful natural gift and use it for a better quality of life .


As these natural herbs are very effective, they are used in different branches of science like aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy etc . Some of these are also used as oils, sunburn creams, for infertility, aphrodisiacs etc. They have been developed over centuries of use and experimentation. Herbs are often less potent than modern drugs, but studies prove many to have real value. Among thousands of known herbs, one of the proven useful herb isThippili (Long pepper). This is well known in ayurvedha, siddha medicinal systems and is said to be a good rejenuvator. The parts of this entire herb such as the stem extract, dried fruit and the roots are used in the treatment of certain medical conditions.


Medicinal values:

Thippili powder mixed with dried ginger powder and round pepper powder (all in equal quantities) when taken orally 1- 2gm daily with honey ( Loosens the mucus and expels it) . It is used traditionally to treat cough/ cold and related bronchial ailments. In general, widely used as effective digestive medicine ,relieves flatulence and also used as expectorant in SouthIndia and Andaman & Nicobar islands. Also a glass of warm milk with one tablespoon of thippili powder everynight overcomes physical weakness when used for a month. The purpose of these notes is to provide a general understanding of the actions of herbal medicines

Why don’t you give a try and reap the benefits. Nothing to lose but much to gain.