NAME: SENTHILNATHAN SATHYAM                                                                             28th July 2019



TICKET NUMBER: 9102115565414

Oman Air Route: Muscat to Chennai

I had booked flight for travel to Chennai on (4th July night/5th July morning 02.15am flight WY 251)  when i reached the boarding counter they said flight was overbooked and cannot issue a boarding pass.  Oman Air officials said that they can only put me in the next flight for sure and would give me a compensation as per the rule - inspite of holding a confirmed airticket.  Omanair officials couldn’t help even after me explaining my urgency to attend my cousins marriage  in my home town. They gave me accommodation outside the airport in a very average hotel for the night of July 4th. They gave me the boarding pass for travel for 5th July morning flight 9.10 am flight and luggage loaded.


5th July morning – WY 253,  when i was about to enter gate with valid boarding pass they said sorry sir - boarding denied. You cant travel. I was very upset and couldn’t find words to discuss with officials as all my travel plans re.arranged with my family got shattered. I just said this is very bad of Omanair and asked them the reason for not allowing me to travel again for which they said by mistake Omanair gave boarding pass with a seat number which doesn’t exist in this flight. I said this is very bad of a national airlines to give such an answer which is Oman air 100% mistake. I have high respects for Oman Air since many years and i have been travelling since 25years.  I told them i will never travel in Oman air in future. When i asked them my baggage, they dragged and dragged to give reply and said baggage will be loaded in next flight. they didn’t give my baggage at all. They gave me again accomodation in airport hotel after insisting with officials as i was exosted going in and out of airport since 4th July night. They made me to wait till 5th July noon and finally gave me a boarding pass for travel on 6th July.  As my baggage was not given and since I am a patient, i suffered a lot from mental agony. Cant express - My medicines were also in the baggage. I couldn’t take my medicines scheduled for the day which had also put me in a confused, energyless, fatigue stage. No compensation was given for the denied boarding on my second flight WY253 which needs attention .

Again came back to gate on 6th July and finally boarding was allowed . It looked like a big acheivement to succesfully travel in Omanair . On reaching Chennai airport, again problem started. My name was called in the speaker to report to the desk. When i went there they said that my baggage has reached yesterday itself and there is a procedure to release it (as baggage reached  a day earlier before the passenger reached). It took again 2 hours to find baggage as they have put the baggages with other baggages in a separate room and had to fill form and sign documents and to register the same. Once this was done, the same has to be checked by the customs officer and he has to approve it. Finally reached home on 6th July afternoon after a lot of struggle and an unforgettable worst journey with Oman Air .