Motivation does these two things: First, it maintains your drive to succeed. Second, it allows you to overcome all the obstacles you encounter along the way. The first and foremost in motivation is that we should be positive and have belief in the goal we fix.

Always make sure to start your day with inspiring quotes and motivational reading.The most common motivation method is to set goals which gives us an encouragement and excitement which we are interested in. Set the fire of enthusiasm burning so that it keeps your energy levels high so as to complete those tasks you dread of completing. If your goals don’t excite you, you won’t have the motivation to push through the hard times. When your goals inspire you, you have more natural motivation.One of the first things I do when I motivate other people is I get inspired first. This is easy if I am inspiring you on a subject that gets me fired up. Once motivated that energy and enthusiasm spreads like wild fire, it’s electric!  If you feel connected and excited about it, you will be able to get other people to feel the same way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone who ever succeed at your passion it’s your passion and if you’re into it.. YOU WILL SUCCEED!.

Create a great environment around you. You need to create the environment. Don’t go unaccompanied on your journey. Surround yourself with people who are totally motivated and care about your success, you will start to get things done quickly. We need to learn to live our life with passion. Appreciate all that you have around you and how great it feels simply to be alive at this particular moment of time.
Emotions are the key to motivation, the better you can control your emotions, the more chance you have of motivating yourself  efficiently. Motivation is more of an attitude and is all about responding to external and internal factors in order to successfully realize your goals. Its not a trait that anyone can inherit from their parents. It is something that must come from within you. It allows you to continue persisting and persevering until you accomplish your objective - no matter how hard and unattainable it may seem to be. Always talk about your plans. If there has been anything interesting, share it with someone about it, and you'll notice your level of motivation rising. Once you share about anything you're passionate about, transfer the energy created to your mind power goals. Strengthen your desire. Seeing the rewards of your effort clearly motivates you. Music. Different types have different effects on us, so experiment. When you find music that energizes you, keep it ready Practice slow deep breaths through your nose and this will help oxygenate your blood, and especially seems to wake up the brain. 



Act instantly:

Precision makes you move slow. If you have set your goals and created your plan, just carry it out. Don’t aim to be 100% perfect. Mistakes will be made, you can learn from them. Some people wait until they feel motivated, but that is the mistake you should avoid. Track your progress, reward yourself. For each major goal you set, set a reward for yourself after you complete it. Split your goals into several stages, for each stage you complete, take a rest. There is nothing wrong giving yourself a small treat after accomplishing each mini-task. Treat yourself to a good meal or anything you like when completing small tasks, for the radical goals you set, once completed, reward yourself handsomely.


These are simple motivation ideas which you can implement at once. Start going.