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Can you imagine a greenish cool misty place in the desert region. Thats Salalah which is found in the South of Oman. Its 1500kms from the capital and can be reached by road or by air easily with daily connections from Muscat. It takes 11 to 12hours by road and 1.5hours by Air.

Salalah is the most beautiful greenish city of Oman as it appears during the Monsoon period, usually referred as the KHAREEF SEASON. Usually the dry mountains during this time (End July till beginning Sep) turns green and looks amazing and majestic which would be a real treat for your eyes. I have managed to explore some beautiful places in this region and wish to share with everyone. The details are furnished below.

1. Wadi Darbat: Greenish Scenic beauty with a lake surrounded by majestic mountains. Now even boats are operated in the lake. 70kms East from Salalah. A place never to be missed.

2. Mughsayl beach:  Located west of salalah. Is a beach with a blowhole. You can find the water gushing like a fountain.  A unique place and is 40kms from Salalah.

3. Taqah: Picturesquare spots. 35kms east of Salalah ( Taqah casle). The beach at Taqah is also good.  

4. Magnetic road / Anti gravity point:  63kms East from Salalah. Located between Taqah and Mirbat where you can find cars moveup automatically by itself in neutral gear due to magnetic powers in the area.

5. Tawi Atayr/ Attir /Atair: Largest sinkhole in the region(211m). Its 46 Kms North east from Salalah.  GPS Coordinates: 17.1129 N  54.5603E

6. Khor Rohri ( Creek): The meeting place of the freshwater and the sea. Near to taqah. Lot of Birds of different species can be found in this area. 

7. Frankincense Trail / Al Baleed Archeology : Worlds heritage site of UNESCO. Tel: 23303577. There is an entry ticket.( OMR 2.000)  

8. Ain Homran/ Ain Razat: 50kms east from salalah .Natural spring water source. Water is supplied to salalah from this natural source. A neatly maintained garden can also be found in Ain Razat. A picnic and a Great bird watching spot. Al Homran is a similar spot and is 22kms from Ain Razat.

9. Nabi Ayoubs tomb: Jabal atfeen mountain range: 40kms North of Salalah.

10. Mirbat:  66kms East of Salalah. Scenic bays and caves.

11.Rakhyut: Located west of Salalah. Spectacular spots to view hairpin bends in the lush green mountain.

12. Prophets Emrans / Umrans Tomb:  Its 30metres in length and its walls are lined with versus of kuran. Located in downtown Salalah.

13. Al Husn souq:  Frankinsence souq. Located near to HM Sultans palace.

13. Hadbin / Hasik:  3hour drive from salalah. Most Fascinating route. One of the best beautiful coastal roads along fantastic cliffs, scenic  deep blue water fronts. Would be a treat for your eyes.

14. Scuba diving / Snorkelling:   Contact: 00968- 99894031 / 4032  or  00968-92873560.